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I am an energetic, passionate, self-motivated, nature loving person that did not see my love. In the race to develop a successful career, work on the house, and raise a family I forgot about photography and how much I enjoyed it. I was fascinated with photography at a young age. I love how photographs bring back memories of the past and the positive or negative feelings of that moment.  


For many years I took family pictures with a Canon AE-1 using film but when the camera broke and digital photography began, I stopped taking photographs. About 10 years ago I began learning ballroom dancing with my wife and my desire to take photographs reemerged. I began photographing the dancers at various events and sharing the pictures with my fellow dancers. After I removed the rust from my camera skills, I began receiving compliments from most dancers who preferred my photos to the professional photographers. As time went on I received requests to take portraits, ecommerce photos for an online fashion retailer, commercial photography and sold some of my nature photographs.

Light is an important part of photography and I love light. From the soft light on two Argentine Tango dancers to colorful lights of an umbrellas or the head of a Wood Duck.  

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